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Event planning and performance, successful advocacy, program design and implementation, project design and management, all aspects of financial management, strategic direction, governance and communication strategy are challenges faced by associations and charities of all types and sizes on any given day.  Delta6 offers decades of experience understanding these challenges and applies its knowledge and expertise with best in class approaches and out of the box thinking to address the specific challenge facing your organization.


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All contact requests will get a response within 48 hours.  Please be as specific as possible with your request.  Our response will be the same!


...Delta6 Consulting has provided the traction needed for my company’s growth. Insightful and strategic planning has provided a multitude of opportunities for success. The Delta6 network is an invaluable resource!
— Jason Honeyball, President, Draingarde Inc.
You have taken the CGSA to a level that I’m certainly proud of and I know you will find something great in the coming months. I enjoyed our time working together...
...thank you for all you have done over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with you again since coming back to Canada
— Adam Calver
All of your great work and leadership has been a huge benefit to the golf industry and the CGSA. Thank you!



Your request will get specific attention rather than a generic approach which often gives you a generic solution to your challenge. We'll use innovative thinking and approaches to provide exciting results for your organization and we'll see the project through to the conclusion that satisfies you and your clients / members.



About Me

MY NAME IS Ken cousineau

For the past 35 years, I have worked at various levels within special interest and professional associations, for the past 30 years as the chief staff officer in these organizations.  In that period, I have developed skills, expertise and experience that allow me to assess situations and determine how to work with your organization to get the best results possible.  I can provide you with very targeted specific services to address a challenge or I can provide oversight, direction and support for your organization and your Board of Directors.